A Touch & A Tear

A touch, a tear,

and the inevit unable.

An inch to an abyss,

and the never ending sea.

The joy’s filled with sorrow,

the delight’s pierced with an arrow.

And her light that shines,

will break through the rift.

The touch of her skin,

fills my soul with a burden.

An injection through my vain,

lights my eyes to her echo.

There’s no time nor place,

for an innocent love, love.

Circumstance my dear,

within a touch and a tear.

For you are the wind,

and I’m a ship that has sailed.

Slowly in the night time,

I drift as the ocean weeps for you and I.

So don’t cry on this dark and eerie night,

as your palm rests into mine.

Buried deep in the hope of a home.

A touch and a tear my dear,

For tonight, I’m afraid,

we’re alone.

By Dan Bloch

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