What’s Your Favorite Season?

I love Winter.

The emptiness in the streets because of the cold can make it seem lonely.

The clouds covering the sun almost everyday can wear you down.

But there is definitely something that motivates me,

to admire the scene more than I do during Summer.

The silence that fills the streets at night allow time for reflection.

And my favorite part are the trees.

I can understand why without their leaves they can look lifeless,

and thus, unsightly.

But there is definitely something beautiful about the fact you can see their roots.

They cannot hide behind their radiant leaves, they have to show

what supports them and keeps them up.

How they stay strong and grounded, how they have survive and continue to stand for so long.

This what makes up the most important part of the trees.

And they are naked for everyone to see.

And such a sight is only available on Winter.

I love Winter.

-Grushenka Monsalve


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