I look at you,

You look at me…

There is emptiness.

There is nothing anymore…

Things have changed.

I look at you,

You look at me.

I realise, that despite everything,

Despite the colourful memories,

Despite the perplexing moments we shared,

That now,

We are both lost.

The thing is…

We are both lost for different reasons.

I look at you,

I see these brown eyes,

These deep brown eyes,

That swallows me whole…

I am lost.

In the midst of you.

I want you,

I want to hold you,

I want to feel you,

I want to be with you..


And always.

I love you.


You look at me…

You are lost.

You don’t know what to do anymore,

Am I too difficult to handle?

Do you want something else?

I cant tell.

I am lost,

You are lost,

There is sadness now.

There is disparity.

I know I should accept it.

But I cant.

Although, I know now, that in his eyes…

It reads: over.

By Sanne Portdam


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